Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Recap of weekend at BW Wells and Camp Kanata

Blackfoot Warriors Camping Weekend Review

Saturday afternoon/evening

BW Wells was the site of our first tribe camping trip. Our entire tribe was able to take part. Several Big and Little Braves arrived early in the day to set up camp and explore the area. The fish were biting, but no one caught any fish on Saturday. As others arrived, the campsite started to take shape with all the tents and, most importantly, the food!

After a great dinner of hamburgers and hotdogs, the Little Braves played ‘flashlight tag’ and enjoyed the campfire with their dads. S’mores were a treat for everyone as we learned how not to turn our marshmallows into “flamers.” After snacks, we gathered around the campfire where Big Thundering Elk lead the tribe in a story about making good choices and doing the right thing. After that, several Big Braves amazed us with their mind reading ability, picking out objects around the campfire that Running River and the other Big and Little Braves held in secret.

Bedtime arrived and everyone retired to tents for a “good” night of sleep (well, good for the Little Braves, at least). We went to bed with the Hurricanes trailing Atlanta 2-0 and NCSU tied with Boston College 10-10 (sports remained on the forefront of Big Braves’ minds).

Sunday morning

We awoke to the Hurricanes losing 9-0 and NCSU losing 30-10 (maybe that is why Big Braves could not sleep). But, it was a beautiful and crisp morning. White Thunder and Running River led a devotional including a compilation of songs and some key verses reminding the Little Braves to obey their fathers and live a pure life. Breakfast followed with a buffet of bacon, sausages, pancakes, eggs, and fruit. Plenty of coffee and hot chocolate was involved as well. After cleaning up the breakfast, the tribe went on a 1.4 mile hike through the woods to earn a feather. Other than having a few rocks and stumps jump up and trip a couple of Little Braves, the hike was really fun and good exercise for everyone. While the Big Braves took down the tents and loaded the cars, the Little Braves engaged in a game of soccer. There is a lot of soccer talent in the tribe!

Sunday afternoon

We left BW Wells and went to have lunch at Bojangles. After leaving Bojangles, the tribe congregated at Camp Kanata to be inducted into the Arapahoe Nation that evening. The afternoon was spent playing putt-putt, canoeing, and fishing (with several fish being caught). The practice from the day before must have paid off. Then, the tribe had dinner and got ready for the induction ceremony.

Sunday evening

Little and Big Braves didn’t know what to expect but had heard that it was an unforgettable time. We lined up as a tribe with all of the other first year tribes and made the quiet walk to the lake. When we got to the top of the hill leading down to the lake, hundreds of 3rd year tribe members were holding torches on the sides of the hill that we walked down. It was an amazing tunnel of fire and light. We were guided to our seats and we watched a canoe come slowly across the lake carrying the torch that would be used to light the campfire. The campfire was lit with a bang and explosion that startled us all and began the ceremony. We watched as the new Nation officers were inducted and then cheered when our tribes name was called in the role call of new tribes. Little and Big Braves exchanged bear claws promising to show patience and not be selfish.

After the ceremony, Dads and Sons filed out together and made the trip home with memories of a special time with each other and with the other members of our tribe, looking forward to the next time we get to get together with our tribe.


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