Sunday, November 06, 2005

Devotion thoughts for upcoming Kanata camp trip

Big Braves:

How! How! I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend with your family and your Little Braves!

In starting to plan for the devotion this coming Sunday, I thought of something (or perhaps God gave me an idea) during today's sermon by Pastor Davey. I thought it would be a good time that we could have an interactive devotion time with our sons in which the Big Braves could share an "attribute" of God that has been working in their lives (or that of their families) lately. For instance, I know that some of you have recently been through the adoption process -- so, you could discuss how God adopts us as His children and how that parallels to your experience. Your little brave could also then share how they see God in this area as well (keeping it at their 'level'). I think this would work best if a little time is spent in advance talking this through with your Little Brave. I envision about 2-3 minutes per family so that we can finish in a reasonable amount of time.

Let me know if have any thoughts about this idea.

Thanks & I look forward to a great weekend of building Christ-centered relationships!

God bless,
Scott "White Thunder"


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